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Elizabeth hails from Pittsburgh, PA where she grew up in a musical household: dancing, singing, and playing violin and piano. She dreamt of becoming a ballerina and pursued that with passion, while her love for musicals of both stage and screen dominated her free time.  She wrote shows and produced them in her backyard; and then, at age 11, Elizabeth was asked to choreograph her first full-length musical for Sunrise Theater.  She balanced her life between 6 days a week of classical ballet training and spending the weekends touring with the theater company.  Ballet, of course, was her first love, but through the years she studied tap, jazz, musical theater and much to her chagrin, acro.  Elizabeth choreographed 13 musicals and 5 ballets before graduating high school and then ventured out into the world to pursue her classical ballet career. 


Elizabeth spent a few seasons with various ballet companies in Illinois & the Nacional Ballet de Panama performing in Swan Lake, The Nutcracker, Les Sylphides, and roles such as Lilac Fairy in The Sleeping Beauty.  For a number of years, she jumped full force into the Royal Academy of Dance training system, achieving her Solo Seal Award and gaining her teaching certificate from the RAD.  On faculty at Northern Arizona University, she created many full-length ballets and produced evenings of other works.  


In 2013, after a hiatus from the dance/performing world, Elizabeth began her performing career anew with a series of summer stock shows that has since opened many doors in the NYC and regional theater scene.  Discovering the joy of creating once again, her life has taken on new purpose and shape as she pursues a full life of creating, building relationships, and crafting quality performance.  Elizabeth has produced shows in both theater & dance, giving NYC based performers professional outlets to work their crafts with people of like mind & heart. In doing so, she particularly adores bringing artists together from across various performance genres and levels of experience, encouraging collaboration to challenge the performers' hearts and minds. She recognizes something powerful can be created when a Broadway veteran and a recent hopeful college graduate share the stage, likewise, when professionals from different worlds collaborate on a piece. Her heart is to build encouraging environments of joy, fun, and laughter all while creating truthful, heartfelt, and super fun art!

Photo by Bjorn Bolinder


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Photo by Bjorn Bolinder

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